These are the ingredients of Thinogenics and I simply wanted to have a little research available for myself, all in one 'easy to find' place.

I've been taking Thinogenics since April 2013; beginning primarily to get my butt in gear with losing a few pounds. I read that it helped curb appetite, that it was all natural and safe to use and that it would help to lose weight. All good.

Changes made: riding my exer-bike everyday while aerobically moving my body, the use of weights, increased stretching and floor muscle strengthening, grazing throughout the day rather than eating a meal three times a day, and drinking lots of water.

I have found that grazing, as I do, in eating one thing at a time, has really been a kicker for me!! Portion control, going back for seconds, was always a problem. Snacking between real meals, even if the snacks were healthy - was a problem. Eating every couple of hours throughout the day, something healthy - veggie/fruit/cheese or whatever good choice I make, is SO MUCH BETTER for my body! The exercise has strengthened me, the stretching has increased my mobility. The pill, itself??? The pill has been a Godsend for my allergies more than anything else. I haven't been to the Doctor for tests with cholestrol levels or blood pressure, or anything else but I assume that my levels are dandy. My cholestrol has always been high, regardless of eating healthy and exercise, but I think that these natural herbs have affected that. We'll see at my next appointment. I've also noticed a huge difference in my thyroid size, as far as touching it on the outer part of my neck. My gland was always protruding a little - it caused the Doctor to notice and check all levels, go through major testing and x-rays, ultrasounds, etc. All was well, all is well!

This herbal supplement has aided in my mood, my eating habits, my health, clarity of mind and the largest benefit of vertigo. I suffered with vertigo, due to allergies or some sort of inner sinus issue. No one could ever figure out what the cause was, or cared enough to do any kind of testing. The Doctor said it was vertigo, with it. These have opened up my breathing ability so that the vertigo doesn't happen, which also helps with anxiety from a lack of deep breathing. I'd freak out when I couldn't breathe well and then I would become dizzy.

It's all clear while I'm taking these.

I don't know the long term effects of taking these herbs together, as I am...which does cause me a bit of concern. But, I prayed about these when I began taking them....and I will continue to listen to God as He directs me, as well as listen to my body.

By the way, with all of the changes I've made....I have lost 40 lbs. since April. I've gained muscle in places I never thought would show, lost jiggle on my sides and belly {where the three boys stretched me in every direction}, straightened my posture extremely well. But, all of this isn't the result of taking the pill - it's life changing stuff. It's about making choices and being disciplined with myself; caring enough to do it, regardless of what everyone else is doing around me. I do everything at home - my exer-bike, workout routine, etc.

What did the pill do for my weight loss? It's allowed me to discipline myself, easily. It keeps me wanting to drink a lot of water, which I always had a problem with. Not with drinking water - I LOVE drinking water. My problem was that I was not naturally thirsty....I'd go half a day without drinking anything. That is AWFUL for a body, for a mind, for everything. It has allowed my stomach size to shrink because I graze. I drink water while eating and it helps fill me up. A half of an apple and a glass of water can settle me for 90 minutes. I love eating like this!!! It's so much better for me.


Here are the ingredients of Thinogenics:

Citrus Flower {Suan Cheng}

Jin Ju, Suan Cheng and Suan Cheng Hua can prevent rupture of blood vessels, reduce capillary fragility and permeability, slow down hardening of the arteries, and produce two-way regulating blood pressure as well as enhance the body's resistance to the cold, flu etc. He Ye can be attributed to the liver and spleen meridians. It can stop bleeding and invigorate the blood.

Cassia Seed Extract

1. To protect the liver: Cassia seed extract is a tonic for the eyes, kidney, liver and bowel. It is useful to address liver fire, a diagnostic pattern in traditional Chinese medicine. Symptoms of liver fire are irritability, headache, red face, tinnitus and sleep problems.

2. Laxative: All parts of the cassia plants contain anthraquinones, which impart a laxative property to the cassia seed extract. Cassia seed tea helps hydrate the large intestinal tract to loosen the bowels. To get best results, the extract should be taken as it is, without prior boiling or anything similar.

3. Antisepsis: One of the impressive cassia seed extract benefits is inhibiting growth of fungi that cause skin infections. For this, the powder is added in sterile water to make an infusion. The extract is then used for various types of topical infections caused by fungi.

4. Antimycotic: For combating bacteria, an alcohol infusion of cassia seed extract is prepared and used. It is effectual to impair growth of various bacterial strains, including Bacillus coli, Staphylococcus and Bacillus diphtheriae amongst others.

5. Increased effectiveness: Containing retinoic acid, the use of cassia seeds and their products for improving vision is documented in alternative medicine. For increased effectiveness, they are taken in combination with dodder seeds and other curative herbs.

6. Eye Protection: In herbal medicine, cassia seed extract usage includes treatment of bloodshot eyes (conjunctive congestion) and other eye problems. A specific amount of gentian root is often used with cassia seed extract for the same purpose.

7. Weight Reduction: As far as intake of cassia seed extract for weight loss is concerned, dietary products based on this herbal extract are available in the market. However, the safety of this herbal formulation as a weight loss aid is not proven scientifically.

8. Hypolipidemic: Cassia seed extract benefits for boosting weight loss may be related to its laxative properties. And the reduction in body weight is attributed to water loss, and not loss of fat. So, using cassia seeds results in temporary weight loss effect.

9. Others: The promotion of gastric secretion, promoting digestion; Regulation of the immune; Lower blood pressure.

Alismatis Rhizoma Extract

2.Prevents fatty liver
3.Anti-pyretic (lowering fever) and anti-bacterial (inhibits mycobacterium tuberculosis)
4.Hypoglycemic and hypotensive
5.Anti tumor and anti-allergic
6.Lowers blood lipids: total cholesterol, inhibits hardening of main artery
7.Galactagogue (promote milk secretion)
8.Induces interferon

Nelumbo Nucifera {Indian Lotus}
Action :
1. It significantly suppresses activated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) proliferation.
2. It reduces blood sugar level and increases the glucose tolerance in body.
3. It exhibites strong free radical scavenging activity.
4. It significantly lowers the normal body temperature and yeast provoked elevation of body temperature.
5. It suppresses T-cell proliferation.
1. It significantly reduces the level of blood triglycerides.
2. It reduces the high blood sugar level to normal without altering the insulin concentration.
3. It inhibites glucose absorption by suppressing the transfer of glucose from the stomach to the small intestine and by inhibiting the glucose transport system at the small intestinal brush border.

Curing Diseases : 1. It is useful in vomiting, dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, ringworm affection and dyspepsia.
2. It is used in fever, intermittent fever, cough, burning sensation, dysuria and hyperdipsia.
3. It is helpful against hemorrhoids, haemoptysis, menorrhagia, inflammation, bleeding piles and leucorrhoea.
4. It is also useful in skin diseases, leprosy and pruritus.

Corn Silk Amylum {Dietary Grade}

Gelatin Capsule


  1. Hello, I would like to say I was so glad to see this blog, because I have been taking Thinogenics for 6 months and I to have lost 40 pounds. I have noticed the same things as far as less appetite, clearer mind, being more calm and able to handle the stresses that use to stop me in my tracks. The thing I want to share is this, I have had asthma all my life and so has my oldest son, we have spent many nights in the ER and taking breathing treatments or on some sort of new medicine that would open up those tubes, but nothing has helped like this. I started noticing that I no longer needed my rescue inhaler as much and that I could do things without getting so out of breath I would have a panic attack. I also noticed that my allergies, that usually caused another trip to the Dr. or even an ER trip were not there. I decided to give this to my son, first because he is 21 and I felt old enough to let me know if there was anything going on that would hurt him, please don't give this to a child without asking a real Dr., he also was not so slim that if he lost weight from taking it he would be ok. He took this for 1 month (only) and has not needed any form of asthma meds since and that was 3 months ago. I don't know if this Thinogenics did that or not, but its a mighty big coincidence to me. I am still taking it but only take it every other day instead of every day, because it helps me breath so much better. I went off it for 3 months after I lost the weight I wanted and my asthma returned to where it was before and that is the reason I went back to taking it. That is why I say, I don't know if this helped my son, but I know what it does for me. By the way it also helped keep me off the menopause roller coaster!! Hope this helps others.

  2. Good Evening...I just want to say that I am SOOOO THANKFUL for this product. PLEASE do not change the formula ever!!! Please do not take off of the market. This is the ONLY pill that has ever helped me aside from Thermolift (the original formula) and Phenterimine. I hated the way the Phenterimine made me feel. Jittery, on edge, and a HORRIFIC headache if I did not take it. This product only gave me a dry mouth and I was up at night if I took it after 8am. I took this product to my pharmacist and to my general doctor. They both replied after investigating the ingredients that there is NOTHING in this pill to cause harm to my body. On April 15, 2013, I weighed in at 282lbs. As of September 15, 2013 I am at 232lbs. A total of 50 lbs. I have gotten to the point that I do not have to take the pill everyday. I can take it every 2-3 days. I just reordered a total of 4 bottles: two for my friend, 1 for my husband, and one for myself. Everyone is so amazed at how well I am doing. Thank you for the help because I really needed it.

    PS-Yes I exercise(3-4 days a wk). I drink plenty of water (1/2 my body weight in ounces 115oz). I stay away from a lot of sugary snacks and bread. Although I do give in at times, I do know how to eat some and push the rest away. Its like I have been reprogrammed. I am ready to lose this last 50lbs.


  3. I took thinogenics and lost 30 lbs! But the store where I normally got Thinogenics stopped selling them and advised me to try simply thin I did not get the same results. Where do you guys purchase the Thinogenics. Is there a safe trusted site that you get them from?


    1. Nature's universe ships free. Standard shipping gets it to you usually in 2 or 3 days.

  4. We actually sell them in our store, The Bargain Box in Florence Alabama. Our number is 256-767-2877 we are open Monday thru Saturday from 9-6. We also ship.

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