Last night, when hubby came home, I showed him my new flash and the pictures that I took with it while I had the house to myself during the day. Remember yesterday's self portrait shot? Well, he didn't like that one as much as he liked this one. I don't like this one. I think it makes me look too serious and I'm not a serious kind of person {well, sometimes I am, I guess, maybe this is what I look like when I'm serious (??)}

I don't know.

He usually has opposite taste than I do anyway, about myself, that is. I suppose that I can be feeling pretty good with it when I'm thinking that I look fat and he tells me that I'm not {although, I think he knows better than to agree} - hahaha.


Right now, it's snowing a little bit outside; which is not unusual for this time of the year but earlier in the week it was near to 60 degree's outside {which IS unusual for this time of the year}.

I spent some time this morning rearranging my book shelf that's in the dining room. I can just imagine what you think my house looks like with the descriptions that I give you. It's not like anyone else's, I'll say that. I am a one of a kind when it comes to what I like and can't say that I'm all too organized but my stuff presents itself well enough, I think. If not, people don't need to look at it, right? I mean, really - this is where I live. Anyway..

I was rearranging the shelves when I came across a few things that really touched my heart. My mother, it was a little card with her handwriting on it and tiny pictures that she'd drawn; something that she'd sent me in the mail and when I read it....I felt hugged for the day {I also cried a little}. After that, I found her dad's obituary clipping from the newspaper and I read it through. So well written, hitting on every major point of my Papa.

I haven't mentioned here that my mother's brother, the Uncle of mine that was always like this amazing, big, strong, handsome guy that was so smart and gave awesome hugs...he passed away last week and it left another empty space in our family {HERE...on earth, anyway}. See, in Heaven, I'm sure that his wife, my mother and grandparents...and all of the others who knew him and loved him, were there...waiting, knowing. And, when he arrived - golly, I'm surprised we didn't hear the chattering here on earth ;) God is good. I have no doubt of this.

So, I then...a little later, after finishing up with the book shelf, came to peek in on Facebook. I found that my cousin, his daughter, had found the old high school pictures of my mother and him. She posted my mom's on my wall and commented, bringing tears to my eyes all over again. What a happy kind of emotional morning it was for me. I liked it.

I ran out for a few things and just got back in, started some dinner; which happens to smell SO good. I love the smell of chicken cooking when I've spread it with Caesars dressing {that's what I do - skip all of the running out for individual ingredients, for me, I don't have time for it - I use what I've got}.

So, it's smelling tasty here.

Sitting here thinking, I have to mention that I placed a Nativity scene on my desk, directly in front of my monitor. It's marked with "Italy" on the bottom and numbers but seems to be made of a resin material. It's like the classic, really expensive one {that I can't remember the name of and have no time to google right now}. I like it. It suits me fine and reminds me while I'm here, why I'm here, except that I don't know where Baby Jesus is. He's missing. I remember seeing him somewhere and thought he was in the box with the rest of them, but I think that my little man might have settled him somewhere. I'll have to ask him later.

I suppose I've babbled enough for today. Let me leave you with one more picture...the one that shows me, yesterday {my choice of self} and the one that my cousin posted on my wall this morning. Looking at us, side by side, I can really see a lot of my mother in me. Not too bad, really, she was, like 17 in her picture....I'm 39 in mine ;)



  1. I like them both, though I would side with your choice as my favorite. You do look like your mom! It's interesting that the one who knows you best, besides yourself, selects a much different photo. It raises lots of questions, don't you think? Like how much differently we are perceived by others. I read once that we never quite understand how we "present" to others because we don't experience ourselves in the same way. We are kind of "flat" for lack of a better word. All the best with the portait photgraphy. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. I love them both! but I love the one comparison to your mother! I just love the light and your expression! I love your hair too!

  3. So, it's three votes now for agreeing with you on YOUR choice of photo. They are both lovely but your choice is my favorite. Wow, you sure do look like your Mom. I wish I looked at least a little like my Mom as I was only 17 when she died and I look totally and completely like my Dad's side of the family. And, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that but I wish I could see at least tiny hint of my Mom when I look in the mirror or at photos.

    I'm on a pity trip tonight - I've been home from work 3 days as a result of a bout of bronchitis and I'm not good company any more. Bless my husband, he's been an angel. Crossing my fingers that I'll feel noticeably better by Sunday. Have a great weekend, Heather!

  4. Well I shall make a fourth. And there is a lot of your Mom in you that's for sure.