It's almost time.

We've had a quiet day. The older boys have been working on sock puppets, since last night. After shopping a little yesterday afternoon, we found a few project kits and brought them home. Little man made himself a Snoopy and the other two wanted to make sock puppets. That's exactly what they did and finished them up this morning. I'm so proud of them all. The kits weren't easy, having two socks, thread and fabric in each box, the boys had to follow directions and do it all.

Now, we wait for dinner as it cooks in the oven. A new dish, tonight, with chicken and baby portabella mushrooms, some stuffing and apples and golden raisins...lots of other yummy ingredients, too. We're waiting.

The boys are wandering around, working on the finishing touches to their costumes. Yes, we go trick-or-treating - no, we don't entirely celebrate Halloween like the rest of the world. We celebrate the fun and ignore the evil. Jesus walks with us everywhere we go ♥ The neighborhood that we visit is a safe one, we know most of the families in one way or another, and have been going there since the oldest boys were very young.

There is so much controversy in the world, so many opinions and judgments as to how we should or should not behave with each holiday; I choose to ignore what everyone has to say and we celebrate with a heart devoted. Yes, for me and my house...we shall serve The Lord, it may not look like you would, but we do; and, yes, it is that simple.

Just a few more to share...

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Ni Hao Y'all

Warning: Unhappy Kitty

He's all better now, but he wasn't. He had no idea what was planned for him, totally unaware. 
He shouldn't have been, it all began with the doggy girl.

She wasn't a happy camper either. I can handle her though.

It was that rascal of a kitty boy that gave us all the trouble. Thinking it would be a better plan to wash him in the kitchen sink turned out to be a "not so good" idea. He clawed the window sill, he clawed my husband (who I soon realized that I'd need to help me), he jumped out a few times and SOAKED the floors (and all who were in his route). There even came a moment of blood flowing bite, hissing and clawing (not me, my husband...he's used to boo-boo's though, being a construction worker).

After lathering him with the soap, in good measure, he jumped out soon after the first rinse...bubbles still showing themselves within his fur. He needed another rinse. I filled the bathtub, again (doggy girl had been in there previously) and found the kitty boy. PLOP-SPLASH-CRY-MOAN....BIG BUCKET OF RINSE and he was out of there...FINISHED, DONE, JOB COMPLETE and one unhappy camper.

Once shaking him up with a good towel dry, he ran his way to the warm wood stove. Goofy as he is, he couldn't get close enough and touched his nose to it. That's where this next picture came in...a little annoyed at the stove, this time. Poor kitty boy. I think that he enjoyed listening to the sizzle of the water flying onto the stove, because he kept shaking his foot at it. At one point, we were worried that he was going to jump up on top of it, but he didn't.

All is cozy and dry, now, but I have yet to clean up all of the mess.
That should prove to take atleast a good hourly chunk from my morning. 
Oh well, we have clean, soft, smelly good critters in the house now.

Camera Critters

Life is a basket of laundry.

Well, atleast, that's what my fur-ball is happy with thinking; and sitting on my desk chair, jumping on unaware little boys who sit on the couch, tangling through wobbly legs in the early morning hours and, well, tackling a sweet loving doggy head at any moment.  He loves her.  The doggy girl, that is.  And, she loves him, too.  The things that she allows from him.  I'm amazed by it.

I'm also amazed at the way he is with my little man, thinking he's got the upper hand over him...and, to be honest, he does.  My little man {5} is a little weary of the fur-ball.  Rightfully so, the kitty boy will pounce out of no where and scare the dickens out of my guy.  It was a clingy day today, he stayed home from school and watched that cat like he was a bumble bee or, even more so, a tiger.

Mojo, he fits right in with all of us.  I can't imagine this home without him now....crazy little bugger.  Yeah, so he has found his comfort into my freshly cleaned laundry.  Do you think that this would cause me a little pep in my step when it comes to folding it?  Nah.  Just look, I giggled, stopped, searched and grabbed my camera, just for this shot.  Obviously done quickly, right?  It's not the best, but proves my point

Working Together

Sometimes, we just need to stop what we're doing and watch them.
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Simple Pleasures

The weather this week has been gloriously Autumn, warm temperatures fill our days and though they call for rain, we aren't seeing much of it, only traces left behind from the nightly visits.

My days have been full. Outsiders really do not know what my life consists of, I don't announce it to the world. They would think that I am home, free to do as I will all day long, that I may have hours of quiet time, time to write, to take photos and read. I force out some time each day for these, I must, or the world will destroy the me that I am; but the theory of a day full of time to myself, well, it just isn't true.

As I come home from the morning run {I am a school bus driver}, I sit at my desk to sort through the bills, update the checkbook and arrange my thoughts for this day ahead of me. I glance over onto my desk and I see this:

Last evening, I was at the computer replying to a message,
when he taps me on the shoulder and I turn to see an ear to ear grin. 
Holding something behind his back, he tells me, "I made something for you."

And, then again, this morning.
Reaching into his backpack, getting his snack ready for the day, I find this tucked down underneath the jacket, deep inside.
I pull it out and find:

Today, I am so blessed with moments like this that take me away from the to do's of life. They remind me that some special little wonder-filled, brown eyed boy, loves me and it warms me right up to overflowing. Special little reminders like this, placed around my home for my surprise throughout a busy day, really are a simple pleasure.

You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence,
with eternal pleasures at Your right hand.
-Psalm 16:11-

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Blueberries and Girls

I know why I'm not a teacher; well, one clue as to why, that is.  I spent some time in my son's kindergarten classroom today.  There are two little girl's in there who have this character about them, not always wanting to cooperate and having a slight mind of their own.  I am one who likes peace, likes things to flow smoothly, no friction please.  These little girls like friction.  They test the water's a little when they can.

One little girl put on the pout face today, little tears built up in here eyes and I felt mean...I really was not being mean.  We were playing an alphabet version of bingo, learning their letters and she wanted to pick out the calling piece.  I told her that it was my job to do that and she suddenly put a chip on her shoulder.  She closed up, built a wall, wouldn't contribute and didn't want to play.  I tried to coax her...nope.  Her teacher told her that she did need to cooperate with the group or they wouldn't earn their stickers...not so much.

Eventually, she lightened up a little.  We were switching bingo sheets and I had one extra that I was going to swap from the mix.  She smiled with a "forgive me" kind of smile and asked if she could use it.  I asked her group (3 others) what they thought and they agreed that if she would play, cooperate, so that they could earn their sticker, then she could have that sheet.  I was impressed with their understanding and forgiveness toward her.

And, still,  HOO-BOY, I thank God for creating me to be a mother of boys.  Girls aren't as easy as boys, you know.  I can say that....we aren't.  I know - I am one :)

The Letter "O"

I really enjoy looking for new words, words unusual, words that I've not heard before. Never have I found a word and then not found a word, all at the same time. I know, you're wondering..."WhAt?!"

Let me explain. I looked up unusual "O" words for ABC Wednesday and found one that immediately reminded me of a photo in my archives. When sharing new words, I like to be sure that it is, in fact, a real word. This one, "obvolvent", was, once...a real word, but a long time since; it may not have been used often enough to make it into any other dictionaries.

I finally found it's meaning. The Century Dictionary, written by William Dwight Whitney, in 1889, shares this word and it's meaning. Yay :) This was fun, I like puzzles and in having an answer but needing to gather the details.

Find more letter "O" words at ABC Wednesday.

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From gentle Hands, these little drops fall
Onto the earth
In silent air

In eager desire, earth drinks full
Of little drops
In thirst so deep

This week's Sunday Creative prompt is the word "Dynamic", which may share unique meanings. I found this first one to be inspiring: pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic.

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This time in Vermont.

In Vermont the cows are loud and the leaves are changing.
The hunters are hunting, the apple pickers are picking apples.
The birds are migrating and flying south.
And the winter snow is coming.
The cool wind carefully picks off each leaf.
Now is the time to take out the rakes and bags.
Halloween is coming, the kids in their costumes, asking for candy at each door.
Then, comes Thanksgiving and the smell of pumpkin pie traveling through the air.

As written by Sam T.
{my oldest son}

He came home last week, pulled out a piece of paper from his back pack and handed it to me.
"Thought you might like to read this, mom."
Not knowing what was in my hand, I was hesitant.  I knew that day was progress report day.
When I saw what it was, I asked.
"Can I read it aloud, Sammy, so that daddy can hear it too?"
"Yeah, go ahead."

As I read each word, my eyes were suddenly swimming.
I was touched by his ability.
Daddy was also.

And, then, Sammy told us the reason that he wrote this:
His class, instructed with an assignment, was to write something for the Vermont soldiers;
A Taste of Home.

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Front Yard Tree

Of all the tree's found in my walking distance, on our lot, this one has to be the most covered in fungus. As much as I do not care for the fungus, it can make for some very nice SOOC {straight out of the camera} shots:





Last Weekend

Wandering around the back yard
In and out of the trees
With my feet crunching with every step taken
Softness catches me eye
Warmth fills my heart
A critter finds his way
In the sunshine
This Autumn day

If you look closely, you'll see just in front of him, a tiny little patch of leaf missing; likely, a piece that became his lunch or that of another. What I see is love; a shape torn from that green...a heart. Join others in today's fun meme, at Camera Critters.

Camera Critters

Sunny Saturday

The chill is in the air, outside the house walls today. The fire is burning in the wood stove and thoughts linger of the things I would like to accomplish, at my leisure on this Saturday morning.

We received a phone call yesterday. Ray returns to work on Monday morning, in Jay. For those who do not know Vermont very well, Jay is a ski resort...on the top of a tall mountain, here North. God leads us well, He does. For this timing, in the past month of chaos, with all of my running around and the ability for Ray to be home to help out; the building of a ramp for my dad and timing where that sits, all of this wouldn't have been, if he had not been layed off. Three weeks worth of vacation time rests nicely in our bank account, time that wouldn't have been taken {most likely} but funds available to us if needed. Not a touch of government green pocketed our account - nice. To think of how perfect it all fit together, now, even though I was stressed with the constant demands, I didn't doubt that God was providing for us.

Ray called me while I was out to tell me that his company was ready for him, he mentioned the need for snow tires to be put on his car. If he was going to be traveling up the mountain in the week ahead, most likely he'll encounter the snow. I encouraged him to pay a visit to my brother, even though it was late afternoon; you never know, maybe there would be time for him to mount the snow tires for us. When I returned home, later in the afternoon, the snow tires were on Ray's car

Sometimes, it is contradicting to be faith filled. I know that sounds odd to you, but I am talking of the ability to KNOW and to TRUST my Heavenly Father's provision, the ability to feel the presence of The Lord in my daily life...but still find myself with human suffering, the kind that causes stress. It's there. I'm sure that Jesus felt a bit of stress now and then, that's why He withdrew from the crowds...spending time with His Father. Trouble for me was that there really was a lack for that timing in the days as they passed by;  time to withdraw...a few, here and there maybe.

I'm looking forward to the week ahead of me. Here, now, well, my little man awoke with a sick tummy this morning. Not feeling well enough to follow through with his play date this afternoon, which can turn to be a little sad for him. I'm hoping to enjoy this Saturday, regardless of belly trouble...enjoy being inside a house with a little less pressure to be outside the house. Mmmm-Hmmm!

So, a few photos to have shared this day....the one with the Geese in it? I found this a little funny, a little awkward, really. They should be flying South, getting in gear, high throttle; especially with this chill a'coming on us. What were they doing? Maybe practicing? I don't know, but they were headed to Canada, by the looks of 'em. Silly Goose's

The Bags are Full

"Is everyone ready to milk a goat? Follow me out to the little hut."
All of the kids ran from the hen house.

But, it wasn't only the kids who were ready. No.
Across the dirt lined road, behind the wire fence, there was a white goat.
She jumped over the first fence, ran across the road, jumped over the second fence;
and hopped up onto the milking bin.
It wasn't her turn.

We looked over behind that fence across the road, and we saw her.
Waiting patiently, with good manners.
It was her turn.

Instructing the kids in the proper milking style for your fingers,
and the kids all watched with eager anticipation.

If you look closely, you'll see my little man's fingers,
in this next photo,
working themselves, getting ready.

And, then, for a little bit of a demonstration.
Watch closely now.

Son #1

Son #2

Son #3

It was a fun morning for the boys, all three feeling pretty confident with their milking abilities. 
If you look closely into some of these pictures, there are stories to be told, aren't there?

PhotoStory Friday
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Simple Pleasures

Do you know that feeling of being so full of desire, so wanting to say something, so inspired and still have a blank mind that you aren't able to write a darned thing down without being frustrated? I've been this way for nearly a month now. I know, I've posted daily, something or another, but the writing mind has been extremely desperate for a space of her own; a space to be free from the pull of the necessary.

Wings Like a Dove

My dad went home today. My oldest son and I picked him up from rehab this morning, in the pouring rain. I wondered how he would manage, on his crutches, up the ramp and into the door of his home...he managed well. After he sat down in his usual spot, an overwhelmed look appeared on his face. For near to a month, he has had someone available to him at a push of a button; and although my brother and his wife live with my dad, they aren't as available as the nurse's have been.

After settling in, my son and I went to the store to gather some things for my dad. We stopped at McDonald's, bringing back a lunch treat for all. As I sat there in the living room, my eyes scanning all around, I recall the treasures of my mother left behind. Her books line all of the shelves, books of painting and antiques, gardening and many, many others. She must have had thousands of books in this house. Treasures, not only books, but wonderful things fill that home...and they all remind me of her ♥ I came home with two bags full of books :)

This pretty little vase full of glass flowers, was my mother's, still resting on the kitchen windowsill.
In the next few days, I will be sharing with you all; a little give away. My mother was a creative soul, as am I, but in different ways; she has many books of a creative nature that I think she would be delighted for me to bless you with. This will be my first, very first, give away in all of the years that I've been blogging; but I know that she would approve. She had a large heart for giving, and even more so to those who really wanted.

I know that this post sounds a little rainy, maybe not so much uplifting as it would normally be. I feel a bit rainy today, a bit...hmmmm...well, tired. So, with this Simple Pleasure's Thursday, I will share with you of my experience today. It was a simple pleasure to visit my childhood home, settle my dad in safely, touch and hold books that my mother held, appreciate some of the same as she and regain my ability to be there.

Thank you for visiting me,
I pray blessings over you in the days ahead and many simple pleasures
to create a smile in your heart.

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On Cloud Nine

Resting on the rocky bench, after our inclined hike up the hill; I watched as each one of them, one by one, sat their little buns down in front of me. Sometimes, it takes a second of breathe to realize that there is a picture perfect moment, right there before my eyes. This was one of them; all four of my men, sitting together, being still, quiet, while they snacked on their finds. What was it that they found?

Here, you have it:

Seconds picked, sweetly tart to the taste, wild grapes.

 We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, 
even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.
-E. B. White-

This is my "Cloud 9" capture for today.
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