I couldn’t wait to jump into the water, seeing its crystal clear shimmer. I hurried, stumbling over my feet, stubbing into the sand, topsy-turvy this way and that…but I reached my destination.


There I was, embraced by the life that surrounds me; washing over me, I could almost feel my tail. I closed my eyes and swam deeper and deeper toward the bottom, then I’d push with all of my might and soar through toward the water’s edge. Breaking through the barrier, I felt the air touching my skin and once again I was human.

Bending my body in such a way, I jumped back in to the fresh world below me; embraced once again by the coolness of its touch. My tail returned to me and I’d swim faster and faster through the world of deep nourishment.

Those were the days of my childhood where my imagination became real; where flesh became fish in every touch of water; where I became a Mermaid.

Visit Pictures, Poetry & Prose to see the prompting photo that allowed me to write this.


  1. I totally believe that you did that as a kid. You seem like you would have been a very imaginative girl!

  2. Heather, you are so imaginative & do beautiful creative writing. TTFN ~Marydon