My name is Heather {flowering, joyful spirit}: I was born and raised in Vermont. The town I grew up in was small, like one of those drive through towns when you'd head from one city toward another. There was never much happening in my town but families were built, farms were tended to and cars were worked on. Our town was considered by outsiders to be a "Motor Head" town.

I was born with, what is called, a "club foot". Both feet were turned in, one extremely so but I grew with much prayer, monitoring, and without surgeries. I've walked, run, swam and kept up with the rest quite well through my years of growing.

I have one brother who is ten years older than I am. He was always the "big brother" that I needed.

Growing up, we didn't attend church regularly but the Faith in my family was strong. Reading God's Word was always done quietly but with much strength. I'd watch my mom in her bedroom, reading and in prayer. She and I prayed together on many occasions while I was young, building on my faith and enabling hers as well.

I accepted Jesus into my life at the age of four years old with arms wide open and with the surety of my invitation. I grew in this relationship throughout my childhood and teenage years - in ways that most wouldn't find, but leading me into a deep sense of The Spirit and a strong Faith. It took years to discover the truth of what I held inside, who The Holy Spirit was within me and how to listen...but was perfectly found in God's timing. I was around 22 years of age when the awareness of this truth blossomed.

I share much about my life in my writing. I couldn't sit down and write an entire book all at once; therefor, I began blogging to share this life with my family one day...and with all of you who care to read about me.

It wasn't until I began volunteering in a group for mother's of preschoolers that I found a gift for writing deeply implanted inside of me. I realized there was an ease of words and a beautiful feeling of release would come over me when I wrote. Looking back through the days of childhood, I can see the path that led me here but had no clue of it then. I began sharing in little increments, leading me to the next steps and then find me here.

God surprises me each day, as he unfolds my life in front of me. He shows me who He has purposed for me to be, who I will become and all for His Glory. I wouldn't want to live my life in any other way, than knowing I am following Him and becoming the child He has made.

I've re-discovered my love for photography through this season of my life. I've never seen a classroom for anything outside of high-school and have no regrets what-so-ever because I continue to grow and to learn in the things that I'm made for. I learn best outside of a classroom, for some reason; therefor, I will probably never hold a degree for anything other than that of which God has for me.

More About Me: Firstly, I am a friend, a child and a lover of God. I'm a devoted wife, mother and friend; a lover of nature, children and animals; simple, yet complex; perfectly imperfect and a "friendly introvert".

Here are a few more simple facts:

MARRIED: My husband and I have been married since July 26, 1997 and began our relationship four years before that on July 17, 1993. We own our tiny bungalow home, surrounded by Maple Tree's on a 2.78 acre lot.

MOTHERHOOD: I am a zany mother to three boys (1998, 2000 and 2005). These guys have taught me that we're all made uniquely and much of our character is formed in the womb. God has purpose. God has a plan. These boys keep me on my toes every single day. I was made to be the mother of boys...yes, I was.

WORK HISTORY: When I was 19 years old, I began working for a small salvage yard that was located across the field from my parents home. I worked for a man who taught me how to believe in myself and to be the best me that I could be. Through there, I became a secretary, a manager and a bookkeeper; for a period of 14 years.

SCHOOL BUS DRIVER: When I was 35 years old, I found that God was calling me to become a School Bus Driver; therefor, I studied and took the tests required of me AND have found the perfect job. I love driving the school bus, interacting with the kids on a small scale of time basis - they can't push too many buttons that way :) and that my own children can be right on the bus with me.

MY FAITH: I profess that I am NOT religious {in the Bible thumping kind of way} and really find that I get goose-bumps when someone says that of me.

I proudly state that I am a Child of God, a follower of Jesus Christ,
in communion with His Spirit
and that I live to the best of my ability, for Him.
I read God's Word with an open heart and believing mind.
I must have time with Him alone every day
and no matter where I am in this world,
I know that I am eternally connected with His Spirit.

I love our God and completely trust in Him.

Now, with all of that seriousness in place; I must say that you wouldn't recognize me in personality through the majority of my writing. Well, you will if you read enough of it but with just a nugget here and there - you'll totally miss the fullness of who I am.

I make mistakes and love to laugh about them. I bump into walls and say ouch like the rest. I stumble over my own feet and fall on my butt too. I have a really difficult time putting my inside thoughts on the outside through my mouth and usually the nature of who I am...makes most people smile. Do you know why? I'll tell you.

People smile at me, laugh at me and feel most comfortable around me because I expect nothing from them. I share my faults with a smile, unless it's something that really irritates me about myself. In one sense, those who know me and spend time with me everyday might not realize that I can write like I do (and) in another sense, those who read what I write every day and have no way of spending time with me, might not realize how much they'd laugh if they were with me.

With all of that said, I do hope that you'll be back to visit. I've made some really wonderful and heartfelt friends through this blogging community; ones that are dear to me.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about me or how I feel about something, you're welcome to leave me a comment or just start wandering through my blog; you're sure to find more. You can use the search engine in the navigation bar to find keywords through each post. Other than that, I dare you to follow one of the labels listed below. You'll be surprised at what you find in front of you {a hint? how about a listing of little boxes for each post with the same label - check it out, it's fun}.

Thank you for visiting :)

You can read a little more about me and my  personality type, the INFP, by clicking here.


  1. Heather,
    I stopped by and stayed for awhile today. I am amazed each day of the exciting and wonderful people, I come in contact with through blogging, and you my friend are one. Just wish I could experience your "fall" one time. I have seen pictures and will be looking forward to see if you post any.
    I am excited about reading more, your story is sweet. I too begin blogging, to share only what was stored inside and what I'm learning. You've encouraged me to share more of my story. Hopefully soon. Nothing profound just walking with HIM!

  2. Dear Heather, I decided to read this just in case there was something I might have missed over the few years I've been reading your words. There wasn't anything new which was quite reassuring.

    One thing though: "People smile at me, laugh at me..." I don't think people are likely to laugh at you. Smile at you, yes. Laugh at? No. Laugh with? Yes.

  3. I just discovered your blog, and what a blessing! I enjoyed reading about your faith in Christ. That is also the reason I started blogging..a good way to share Him, and talk about Him.
    Just keep posting. We love it!!
    Love, Shirley

  4. Beautiful Heather!
    thank you for your transparency~
    my own grandmother had the same club foot completely turned in & her heart was as large as the sky for this little girl so nothing but fondness as it links us...
    be blessed ~
    grace & peace...

  5. I am so blessed that by your wonderful comments and that you've found your way here ♥

  6. How did I not see this piece??? A beautiful explanation, if you can capture a bit of who you are in this, and I think you did.
    You are a light, dear Heather. A light that reminds us, almost daily, of our connection to God, the earth, and each other.
    Thanks girlie!

  7. Hi Heather, you write beautifully from the heart. These are insightful snapshots into your life. I enjoy your photos, writing, and LOVE that you're a "friendly introvert". Nice to meet you - and I'll be back!

  8. Unklike GB I did learn a couple of things, like Shabby Girl I wonder how I missed this page before. And I have to echo her "You are a light, dear Heather. A light that reminds us, almost daily, of our connection to God, the earth, and each other."

  9. Hi Heather, I look forward to linking with you as you host Scripture and a Snapshot- one of my favorite memes.